Egg Donation

We are extremely glad for our effective egg donor program and are happy that you are considering helping other people make their dream of having a child fulfill. We will really help to get the gift of life!

Our egg donor are given best medical care and don't need to travel amid the egg donation process. All visits, blood tests, and treatment will perform at our Egg Donation Centre in Delhi. Aarogya IVF Centre has one of the world's most experienced groups devoted to the treatment of infertility. We have highly skilled specialists, scientists and medical staff. Our clinic is equipped with the advanced tools.

There are various reasons because of which a lady may unable to use her own particular eggs to conceive a baby. At few cases the lady might not have any eggs at all: her ovaries may have been detached from a past operation, her ovaries may have been harmed amid cancer treatment, or she may have meet early menopause. In different cases, a lady might simply not have enough eggs or they may be of low quality. Whatever the cause, egg donation can be a viable infertility treatment for ladies who are not able to conceive utilizing their own eggs.

Donor eggs are a valuable and vital gift. Giving Donor eggs may empower a couple to have a baby that would otherwise have been not possible. If you are interested on giving eggs or require an egg donor, we trust that the given information will be helpful. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and you can be promised of complete secrecy at all times.

Why do people need donor eggs?

Few couples can't conceive a child because a female partner can't produce eggs and no amount of medicines can empower her to do so. There are a few likely reasons behind this:

  • Born without properly working ovaries

  • The ovaries have been detached  due to tumor, cyst formation

  • The ovaries have stopped working prematurely

  • Chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment for other condition

There are different reasons why a lady may require donated eggs.

  • She may be carrying a strange  quality

  • The ovaries may be working but are not suitable to have eggs recovered  from them in IVF treatment

These ladies may have the capacity to conceive and give birth to a baby if another lady gives eggs to her. To donate eggs and empower a lady to have a kid she would otherwise not have, is a superb gift and an extremely kind and daring thing to do.

Can anybody give eggs?

There are some criteria we apply before we select a lady for egg donation. The lady giving eggs ought to ordinarily be-

  • under 35 years old

  • have no health problem which would enhance the dangers to her

  • have no hereditary illness or infection that may be transmissible to either the receiver of the eggs or a child which may come about because of the treatment

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