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Surrogacy has risen as the most feasible alternative for ladies who can't biologically conceive baby due to various reasons. Surrogacy in basic terms may be defined as an agreeable arrangement between a couple (intended folks) and a fertile lady who holds and gives birth to a child for the couple. The lady who readily rent her womb is the surrogate mother and the kid in this manner conceived is called a surrogate child. To make her pregnant, the surrogate mother is artificially inseminated utilizing the sperm of either the intended father or a sperm donor. The treatment process is totally harmless for the surrogate mother and donor.

Surrogacy is opted by the women who are medically unfit to carry a pregnancy or have had repetitive pregnancy loss because of uterine issue. Making decision to go in for surrogacy is a hard choice for most couples, due to the numerous variables included, and they have numerous concerns – social, emotional, medical. Aarogya IVF centre is the best surrogacy treatment centre in Delhi which is completely ready with most recent technology instruments and medicine.

When to Choose Surrogacy?

You and your partner can opt surrogacy if you are not able conceive a child due to various reasons. Some reasons can be which are mentioned below:

  • You have had repetitive miscarriages.

  • You have a health issue which makes pregnancy and delivery risky.

  • Having a uterus that has issues like abnormal size, damaged.

  • In vitro treatment (IVF) failure.

  • You are in a same-sex relation.

Select Right Surrogate Mother

For us at Aarogya IVF Centre, it is not just about leasing a womb, as well as we make sure that right surrogate mother is allocated for the task. So, we choose and allocate the surrogate mother for the treatment after analyzing her complete health status. The case coordinator accessible at our Surrogacy Treatment Centre in Delhi forwarded the intended parents a complete profile with the photos of the surrogate mother. We also provide other health information to the intended parents which can help them to make the decision.

Advantages of Surrogacy

If you are not able to conceive, surrogacy makes an opportunity for you and your partner to parent a baby who is at least partially hereditarily yours. For gay male couples, surrogacy offers a way to enjoy parenthood.

Cost of Surrogacy

If you are thinking surrogacy as a way to begin a family, you will need to make a financial plan that factor in the variable expenses of the procedure. The less expensive availability of surrogates in India is drawing attention of many people. Our main aim is to make our services clear and reasonable to all couples.

If you are looking for the Low Cost Surrogacy in Delhi then Aarogya IVF Centre is the final destination for you. We provide affordable treatment to our client as compared to other centers so that a large number of infertile couple can enjoy the parenthood.

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